Can I Transfer My Weebly Site To WordPress?

Which one is better, Weebly or WordPress?

Let us begin with a comparison of these platforms

Both have been there for a while, and both have found its audience.

WordPress is known for its flexibility, but it definitely requires some technical skills. Setting up is quite tricky. After purchasing the domain, you need to upload WordPress there, though, some hosting providers can assist you with this.

Weebly is another drag-and-drop website builder, so it is definitely more comfortable to use. Photos, videos, text boxes, and other elements are dropped on a page and can be easily resized and edited. Setting up the account takes minutes, and then you can start working on your website right away.

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The next point in comparing Weebly to WordPress is the price.

WordPress is free, but you will need to pay for domain name and hosting. Also, if you want to make the best out of your website, you need to spend lots of money on a cool theme, plugins, extensions, and so on. Though not necessary, they can make your website better/faster/fancier.

Weebly requires a subscription. It has different plans ranging from $96 to $300 yearly.

This point leads to the fact that since you pay for a subscription, you get 24/7 support from them.

WordPress does not offer support, but there are thousands of forum threads about anything that may go wrong with your website. Additionally, if you pay for a WordPress plugin, it most probably has a support team as well.

Comparing Weebly vs. WordPress is pretty much comparing any drag-and-drop platform to WordPress. They are all easier to use, but they all limit you in one way or another. If you are ready to spend some time learning new software, WordPress is definitely a better option.

How to Convert Weebly to Wordpress

Can I convert Weebly to WordPress?

As you see, the title is not ‘How to do this?’ but ‘Can I do this?’

The reason for this is there is no way to smoothly transfer Weebly site to WordPress.

You can use the WordPress plugin to transfer HTML from Weebly to WordPress, but this will only copy the text and maybe some other elements like pictures. The design of your website will get lost entirely. You will need to build the website from scratch. Also, there is no way to transfer your domain from Weebly to WordPress, so get ready to purchase a new domain.

Alternatively, you can hire a team of professional programmers and designers to convert your website from Weebly to WordPress.

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