Types of Search Queries

Hello everybody! Today we will talk about the different types of search queries, especially about their types of competition and frequency. To begin with, let us find out what are search queries.

Search queries consist of different keywords/phrases. The key words make up the semantic core of your blog. You should know that when you make the semantic core, you should consider and assess the competition and the frequency of requests.

6 varieties of search queries

All search queries are divided into 6 main varieties – low-frequency (LF) and low competitive (LC), medium frequency (MF) and medium competitive (MC), high frequency (HF) and highly competitive (HC).

Long-tail keywords

Now, let’s take a look at each type.

  1. Low-frequency (LF) words that are queried for no more than 100 times a month. Such a request can be advanced pretty easily. You just need to create a well optimized page, and you are guaranteed to get in the TOP 10 (if done correctly).
  2. Low competitive (LC) – as the name suggests, these queries have low competition. As for LF, their promotion requires a well-optimized page and maybe some links.
  3. Medium frequency (MF) – the keywords that are queried the search engines in the range from 100 to 1000 times per month. Creating a well-optimized page is not enough to get into the TOP-10. You will have to spend a lot more time and therefore money for the purchase of good links on quality websites. The effect of these keys will be much higher. In case you get to the first place in results, you will notice a significant increase in traffic to your website.
  4. Medium competitive (MC) – something between HC and MC. In terms of price and quality, this is a Golden mean.
  5. High-frequency (HF) is a query that is requested in search more than 1000 times every month. Moving to the TOP for such a request is incredibly difficult. You have to spend a lot of time and effort. But once you are on the first places in the results, you will get a huge influx of quality traffic to your site.
  6. Highly competitive (HC) has a higher frequency and thus a high competitiveness. Advancing with it will be extremely very difficult.

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