How to Convert My Website from Squarespace to WordPress

Everyone who uses drag-and-drop website builders likes one fact about them. They are easy to use. Any person without prior knowledge of website building can start creating their own website in minutes. Of course, every software has its limitations. First and foremost, it is the lack of customization. Well, you win some, you lose some. For lots of us, even despite seeing the drawbacks of such platforms, they remain the only option as not everyone has the time to learn HTML and CSS to use WordPress. But when your business starts expanding or your hobby blog becomes popular, you start thinking about improving your website as well. And every user starts thinking about Squarespace to WordPress migration.

Squarespace to Wordpress Migration

Is it possible to migrate Squarespace website to WordPress?

The answer is yes, and no.

What you can do is transfer the contents of your website. This means text blocks, maybe pictures. It will be text on an empty page, but at least it is something!

Your website will not look the same as it was before. After exporting your Squarespace website to WordPress, you will need to redesign your website. You can select the theme from the fee ones, or you can buy the one packed with great features on the market. What you need to remember is without prior knowledge, even a fresh and expensive theme may not show its full potential as you will need to tweak and adjust it to fit the needs of your website.

Our conclusion is that migrating from Squarespace to WordPress is possible though it is not as easy as it seems as you will need to spend a significant amount of time on the process.

Alternatively, you can hire a team of professional programmers and designers to transfer your website from Squarespace to WordPress

Why hire us?

  • For a fair price, our team will professionally rebuild your website or expand its functionality, no matter if it’s a blog, store or gallery.
  • We work fast! Get your website fully rebuilt in WordPress in a week or even a few days!
  • A team of professional web designers will preserve the original look of your website on a new platform. Need a fresh look? Just ask for it!

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