Search Engine Optimization of Images

Today’s post will focus on image optimization. In my opinion, this post will be useful for beginners. I won’t bore you with long introduction so let’s get straight to the point.

Many SEO beginners and professionals don’t pay much attention to search engine optimization of images. Some may simply forget to do it or are too lazy, others may have never heard about it at all.

Search Engine Optimization of Images

Benefits of optimization of images?

On the basis of simple logic, proper optimization of images will help you get top rankings in the image search.

This optimization will bring more traffic to your website. This became even more relevant when the search engines began to show results in the form of pictures.

Website loading time is reduced. With proper image optimization, you will significantly reduce its weight, thereby reducing website loading time.

Ways to optimize images

Write Alt and Title tags for the image. This is one of the easiest ways to optimize images. All You need is to describe the image. Here is the example:

<img src=”//” alt=”Search Engine Optimization” title=”Site Optimization” />

Change the image size. You can easily do this by using Adobe Photoshop or other similar programs. Important! In any case, do not change the size using CSS and HTML.

The next step is unique name of the picture. For example, if you have the picture of the Ferrari, then the image name should be “Ferrari”. If this is the picture of red Ferrari, respectively, the title should be “Red Ferrari”, etc.

Check out robots.txt of your website. There should be no prohibitions on the indexing of folder with images. Otherwise, the prohibition should be removed.

Thank you for your attention and good luck with your SEO.

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