You are probably interested in rebuilding your website and you are in the middle of researching how much would it cost you. You may be a small business who has hundreds or thousands of visitors daily or you are non-profit organization who just wants to give the website a fresh look.


Here at iWebReplacement, we understand your needs and make sure to provide you with the reasonable quote. For more than two years, we help our customers to get the most out if their iWeb websites.

Your websites are unique so we do not have a fixed pricing for our services. Here are several factors that affect the price of website rebuilding.

They are:

  • type of content (blog, image gallery)
  • number of pages, posts
  • number of pictures, videos

In certain cases, we can ask for iWeb project file to check the exact number of pages on your website.

Mobile version

We offer two types of mobile websites. One page that contains all the necessary information about your service or the mobile version of each page of your website.

SEO optimization

This includes optimization of page titles, descriptions, headings, urls, image alt tags, image names etc.

Once you submit a free quote, our team will carefully check your website and provide you with the price. In case you have any additional requirements, please make sure to submit them in the comments section.

If you are on a tight budget, no worries. All prices are negotiable!