Page Optimization

One of the main points of search engine optimization is the optimization and improvement of the pages and their content. In this article we will talk about different factors that should be taken into account while doing optimization.

Text optimization

The main factors in the optimization of the page is the placing of the h1 and h2 tags.

The h1 tag is a so-called header. It should be used only once and at the top of the promoted pages. In addition, it is desirable that it contains the entry of the main keywords for the page.

H2 tag kind of a subparagraph of h1 tag. You need to use it to split the article into meaningful parts. For example, as done in this post. They should be used, but not too often.

In addition to the h1 and h2 tags there are still h3, h4, etc. They are not that important as previous and using them is not obligatory.

Do not forget the use of keywords in the text. Many believe that the more keywords has the text the better, and page gets promoted faster and easier. Unfortunately, it is a wrong opinion. Moreover, it is possible to fall under sanctions of search engines such as Google. In general, no matter what others say, you should try not to overuse the key words and make the text as natural and not use keyword stuffing.

On-page optimization SEO

Technical optimization

Title is the name of the post which will be visible for the search engine. It should not be too long (in average up to 70 characters), and it is should have a keyword inside. It should be noted that the title should be different from the name of the post.

Description. Search engines show it is right after the title. After the latest innovations of Google, its length should be about 300 characters. Just try to make it more interesting to increase the CTR (click-through rate) of users from search engines.

Here are the main page preferences you should pay special attention to if you want search engine to positively evaluate your website.

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