How Can We Transform Your Website?

Plotter Store

Before the rebuilding, the website was missing important elements such as text blocks, tables, pictures and media elements even though they were present in iWeb project.

Our choice fell on EverWeb as the customer wanted to save the original design of the store and make it easy to edit.

All the elements are present, clickable, and it is possible to add new elements and pages on the website in minutes.

Before (iWeb site)

Portfolio iWeb Before 2

Portfolio iWeb Before 1

Portfolio iWeb Before 3

After (EverWeb site)

Portfolio iWeb After 1

Portfolio iWeb After 2

Portfolio iWeb After 3

Gallery & Portfolio

The website seemed to work fine, however, it looked outdated and the customer was unable to upload new content

Wordpress is undoubtedly a perfect choice for art galleries.

Not only the website looks fresh and new, but it also now has an online purchasing option. Fast, beautiful and easy to manage.

Before (iWeb site)

Portfolio iWeb Gallery Before

After (WordPress Site)

Portfolio iWeb Gallery After

Hawaii Design Studio

The website majorly consisted of image galleries with the services that the company offers. Some of them were unaccessible. The design was outdated and the customer was unable to add new content.

Wordpress is a perfect fit for such a website. Large galleries, ability to publish news on the website and nice minimalistic design.

Fresh look, easily accessible galleries, articles, amazingly fast loading of the pages and ability to quickly make the necessary edits on the website.

Before (iWeb site)

Portfolio iWeb Hawaii Before 1

Portfolio iWeb Hawaii Before 2

After (WordPress Site)

Portfolio iWeb Hawaii After 1

Portfolio iWeb Hawaii After 2