Keyword Stuffing

Few know about the existence of such characteristics as keyword stuffing. This value shows how much repetitions of same words or keywords does the text have. It is clear that it is almost impossible to totally avoid it. It is easy to check the text using online text analyzers. You should copy the article text into the analyzer window and it will give statistics of use of all words in the text.

What is keyword stuffing?

Of course, the most important part of the website is its text content, i.e. unique, readable and interesting to the reader as the text ensures high attendance and helps to get the most out of the website. But just attracting visitors is not enough. It is important to interest them in the topic, otherwise they’ll just go away. This is why you need optimization, i.e. add certain keywords to the text describing the theme of the site. These words will be used by all search engines. Correctly chosen keywords will allow search engines to find your website more often for specific queries. However, overusing the key words in the text is also not necessary, otherwise the keyword stuffing ratio will be prohibitive. The ratio is calculated by dividing the total number of keywords on all the number of words in the text. The result should be expressed in percent.

Keyword Stuffing

you do not have enough keywords, search engines don’t pay proper attention to your website, but if too much – it is considered too spammed, reading such a text is uncomfortable and the meaning is often lost. Search engines often try to protect users from such sites, that is, if the ratio of the text on the site is more than 8, then it is a serious wake-up call that it is time to change something. Otherwise, the site risks to lose the trust rate or even fall under sanctions of search engines. It is also important that other often used words in the text are not used more often than keywords as in this case the search engine can index your website by absolutely different queries.

We can conclude that the text on any website should be properly optimized. For this, we need to use keywords in optimum amount, they should be evenly distributed throughout the article and should be seamlessly integrated into the context. These simple rules will allow your website to live long and attract new visitors.

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