How to attract readers/subscribers

Let’s start with why do we need these readers? With the increase in the number of subscribers also grow:

  • The audience of the blog.
  • The attractiveness of your blog for potential advertisers.
  • The increase in visits.
  • Therefore, our profit.

We came to the conclusion that the number of subscribers and readers is crucial. We will examine below how can you increase this magic number.

How to attract readers/subscribers

Ways to attract readers

1. We all know that the content should be in the first place as it is the most important method to increase the number of subscribers. If your content is uninteresting, irrelevant, incomprehensible to the readers, then why will they subscribe?

2. As suggested by many popular bloggers, make a separate RSS page on their blog where you should tell everybody how to subscribe, what it is and why it is needed.

3. Many readers, for example, look at the sidebar, and concentrate only on the text. So, what’s stopping you from attracting their attention in the text? Make a beautiful subscription block, think of a funny phrase and place it after each post.

4. For those who not only look at the text, but also draw attention to the design of the blog, you can make a beautiful subscription block. It should offer to subscribe to the RSS feed, google reader, email subscription and so on. Your imagination is the only limit. Of course, the brighter and the more attractive you make it, the more visitors will pay attention to it, and perhaps become your subscriber.

Final though to think about: you have created a blog in order to help the reader in the are proficient at by expressing your thoughts, not just for the money. If you think you’ll earn thousands on the blog without giving its subscribers and visitors what they want, communicating and paying attention to them, you are deeply mistaken. Visitors => targeted traffic=> subscribers => this is your profit.

That’s all I wanted to say today. A little more respect and attention to your visitors and believe me, you will have your readers/subscribers.

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