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Since you are reading this page, you are most probably having issues with iWeb. Your website cannot be updated or some of your sections do not display properly. We faced the same issues with iWeb websites so we have created a team of professional Website developers, designers and SEO experts to rebuild your iWeb websites on modern platforms. Below is the short description of each program that our service works with.

What happened to iWeb?

Apple’s iLife suite was probably one of the most powerful application packs of its time. There were countless things you could do on your Mac and the best thing about it you did not need to have any skills. The best thing about Apple’s products is that they know how to make complicated things easy and iWeb was not an exception. Anyone could make a website and publish it on MobileMe. Since 2006, iWeb has probably been the easiest way to create and publish websites. 2011 has brought sad news to all apple users – iWeb heads for the island of discontinued Apple products. As iLife 11 did not include an update for iWeb, users soon started to experience different problems such as iWeb does not publish changes or even does not work at all. This leads us to the fact that instead of looking for what happened to Apple iWeb, it is time to look for an iWeb alternative – something modern and functional but at the same time easy to use.

Why should I switch from iWeb?

What happened to Apple iWebIf you were still hesitating whether or not you should update your website, now is the best time. With the release of OS Catalina, 32-bit applications are no longer supported. This means iWeb won’t allow you to make any edits to your website. Actually, you won’t be able to open iWeb app at all!

iWeb websites are often design-heavy, and the pages load slowly. As a result, it is difficult for Google to index your site, and it may be difficult for others to find your website.

To sum up, you should switch from iWeb because:

  • You won’t be able to open iWeb application on lastest OS versions and make any edits or add new content to your website;
  • The website formatting is often broken;
  • You want to give your website a fresh look;
  • You are looking for e-commerce solutions;
  • You are looking for modern templates and plugins.

Stop wasting time on trying to resurrect iWeb and keep using it to update your website. It’s time to rebuild it with one of the modern platforms. Below is our review of the best 2020 iWeb alternatives that we offer to our customers. Each program has its own benefits over others but all of them are easy to use and will help you fulfill all your requirements.

Why hire us?

  • For a fair price, our team will professionally rebuild your website or expand its functionality, no matter if it’s a blog, store or gallery.
  • We work fast! Get your website fully rebuilt in WordPress in a week or even a few days!
  • A team of professional web designers will preserve the original look of your website on a new platform. Need a fresh look? Just ask for it!

Give your website a fresh look

What to replace iWeb with?


In the world of websites, WordPress is the king. It offers its users endless possibilities and the majority of websites in the world are made with WordPress. To be precise 59%, according to W3Tech’s survey of the top 1 million domains.

WordPress is an open-source software. This means that it is distributed completely free and can be used for any purposes. Another great thing is that there are more than 50000 plugins. This literally means you can do magic on your website. Everything from simple slideshows to SEO optimization tools can be found in WordPress market and a lot of them are free!

Wordpress iWeb alternative

A lot of us after using iWeb want to give the website a fresh look. WordPress features thousands of free and premium themes so anyone should find what suits their needs.

With the growth of its popularity, WordPress is becoming a platform for anyone, not just developers. The interface is extremely simple and user-friendly. In case some questions still occur, there are thousands of manuals available all over the internet. This makes WordPress a great choice not only for professional developers but to new users with no programming experience.

Here is a short example of how a simple iWeb website looks and how it may look after our team works on it:

Before (iWeb site)

Portfolio iWeb Gallery Before

After (WordPress Site)
Portfolio iWeb Gallery After

Overall rating: 5


  • Free;
  • Highly customizable;
  • User-friendly interface.


  • More complicated than iWeb, however, still easy to use. offers our customers a redesign service.

Give your website a fresh look with WordPress


Do you want to see the resurrection of iWeb? You have come to the right place. You will not find a program that looks and works more similarly than EverWeb. If you want to get your website as soon as possible with no extra efforts on learning new software, this is your perfect choice. Same design, same functions and the same ease of use. Just drag the necessary element from the sidebar and adjust it.

EverWeb iWeb alternativeUnlike WordPress, EverWeb does not have that significant number of plugins (widgets) and customizable themes. Another drawback is that the program is quite ‘heavy’ so if you have an old Mac and a large number of pages, be sure you have enough patience to work with it. If you want to focus on the content of your website and simplicity of use rather than on its nice look and cool features, your choice should fall on EverWeb.

The software is free to use until you need to publish your website. The price for a regular license is $79.99.

Overall rating: 4


  • As easy to use as iWeb;
  • Relatively cheap;
  • Well-known interface.


  • A small number of themes and plugins (widgets);
  • Slow.

Similar software:

SandvoxSandvox iWeb alternative

Just like with iWeb, you can create the website in minutes using drag-and-drop function. The program allows you to select the design framework from dozens available. No need to understand the complex code. Once you select the template, just add text, photos, videos and more. If necessary, you can integrate your website with Facebook, Twitter and add YouTube videos. One of the key features of Sandvox is its own hosting. Publish your website with one key without complex administration.


Another popular tool among Mac users. It is quite similar to iWeb as it also offers design templates, drag-and-drop of media and page editing. One of its key features is the extensive library of add-ons that significantly expands its basic functionality (just like widgets in iWeb).


Wix is another drag-and-drop software. It has a comfortable editor, decent and sometimes original features and a large set of excellent templates. Wix is clearly trying to break the image of the simple platform for beginners, introducing the all-new third-party apps in the store and updating the functionality. Our team considers it an excellent choice for landing pages or blogging.


This is probably the most challenging software you can ever find. Long lines of code and dozens of buttons that you do not want and will never have to press. Nevertheless, for those who are not afraid of difficulties, this is probably the best website editor ever created. Not only unmistakably powerful and highly customizable, but it is also costly. The standard license will cost you approximately $650. After using iWeb, Dreamweaver does not seem like an easy and justified choice for creating simple websites.

Overall rating: 3Adobe Dreamweaver iWeb alternative


  • Infinite possibilities.


  • Difficult to use;
  • Expensive.

Sounds decent, right. We are more than sure that at least one of them will perfectly fit your needs. If you ready to start the rebuilding process of your website, just click here and fill in a short form.

Still have some questions, hesitations, not sure what software to pick or you want to schedule a call with our expert? Hit us up. Customer Happiness team is available 24/7.

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